Toshiba Tec

Toshiba Tec

Toshiba ribbons are available in various grades to suit virtually any application in every market, from mass-produced short-term label printing and RFID tags, up to highly specialised identification techniques using advanced resin products. And with our experience of over 30 years you can be sure our ribbons ensures optimum print quality.

But with a choice so large it can be challenging to find the right ribbon for your needs, which is why we added our ribbon selector below to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Not sure which ribbon to use? Just contact us – it will be our pleasure to help.

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alternative A100177, Avery ADTP1 130226, Avery ADTP1 für RFID Drucker 126468 810040-004 810040-004 8450 8461 8462 98-0220043-00LF 98-0220043-10LF 98-0220044-00LF 98-0220044-10LF 98-0240067-00LF 98-0240067-10LF 98-0240068-00LF 98-0240068-10LF 98-0240069-00LF 98-0240069-10LF 98-0240070-00LF 98-0240070-10LF A20-2181-01 A20-2220-01 AH2001-DK50A AH2002-DC50A AH2004-DC50A AH3002-DC60A AH3004-DC50A AH3004-DC60A Allen TT107 / NX4 Allen TT53 / NX2 Audion Avery 65-06 Avery Paxar 676 Avery TTX650 TDI Lion W336 XT612 Avery TTX675 64-05 ALX925 A100077 s X-1855 B04265AA Bandit BDR2 Bein Futuro  CIMark 107 Series BEIN Futuro Allen NX4/TT107 long life, Argox A150/200/R400, Argox CP2140, Argox CP3140, Argox D4 Serie CIMark 53 Series BEIN Futuro I+ 128 Series Berkel Beta Print TF1000 BFY BHF3202SS BHF4216SS BHF4313SS CAB PX4L(R) 5956383001, CAB PX4L(R) 5956382001, CAB PX4L(R) 5956381001, CAB PX6L(R) 5956322001, CAB SQUIX 2 5977385001, CAB SQUIX 2 5977384001 BHF4425SS BHF4427SS BHF4501SS BHF6203SS BHF6303SS BHF6407SS BHF6409SS BHF6505SS BHP3201WS BHP4211WS BHP4218FS BHP4223HS BHP4312WS BHP4316HS BHP4317FS BHP4417FS BHP4430HS  KF2003GL14B KF2003-GL14, KF2004B1S2B KF2004-B1S2B, KF2004GM11B KF2004-GM11, KF2006GM11B Bizerba 200dp KF2006-GM11, KF2008E2 KF2008-E2, KF3003GM11B KF3003-GM11B KF3004GM11 (GLP160) KF3004-GM11B, KHT12812MPT1MEN gebohrt KHT-128-12MPT1, Kit Short Flex CA/XA & CB/XB AU-60.9999, Kortho QiC30i/QiC53i QiC53i Kyocera KDE-57-12MGL2, Kyocera Giroprint KCE10712PAT1EGD EEC3 E200 KCE-107-12PAT1-EGD , Kyocera KDE5712MGL1FD KDE-57-12MGL1-FD , Kyocera KPA568MTA1EGDE KPA-56-8MTA1-EGD2 Kyocera KPA808MTA1EGDE für Giroprint E200 KPA-80-8MTA1-EGD2 , Kyocera KPG10612TA01 KPG-106-12TA01 , Kyocera TH200e KPT21912MPW4BEN KPT-219-12MPW4-BEN Lapis Mega II 2 Zoll KCE5312MPT1 KCE-53-12MPT1 , Lapis Mega II KCE21312MPT KCE-213-12MPT1 , LEA55080 LEA55080 , Leich + Mehl PAW2000 2002 - 4 zoll PAW2000 Leich + Mehl PAW2002 PAW2002 , Leptons SHEC C56/B56 C56 , Leptons SHEC CHX56/B56 CHX56 , Linx TT3 32 mm TS403325 , Linx TT5 53mm KCE5312PAJ1ZPH TS401151 Linx TT10 107mm KCE10712PAJ1ZPH TS401604 , Logijet Microplex T4 202487 , Logomatik 906 VM KHT-106-8MPE1 , Logopack KF3006-GM50 , Logopack 915II + III KF3006-GM50 4 Imaje 2000 HC Kit 338217, 4 Imaje 2000 HC Kit 2420 338216, 6 Imaje 2000 HC Kit 338219 , 16N4020P/W Ink Efficient Head MI-ENM43926 2200 KD2004-DC73B, Cimjet 200 B03800AA , Cimjet 200 B03800AA-Z , Cimjet 300/331/334 B04265AA , Cimjet 300/331/334 B04265AA-1 Cimjet 334 KST1528MPD1PR B04420AA, Cimjet - 300/331/334 B04265AA , Imaje 2000 ENM338931 , Imaje 2000 long life ENM338931 KCE5312PAJ1 53 mm 34986BA , KCE5312PAT1 53 mm KCE-53-12PAT1 , Kit 53mm wide + peel roller passend zu SmartDate X40 ENM10055976 SD5.1 SD5A 53mm Promopack (VPE 3 Stk.) 10055540 , SD8018 10018596-AA , Smart Date 2+3 53 mm 34986PA , Smart Date 2+3 107 mm 36059BA Smart Date 2/3 107 mm KCE10712MPT2 36059BAC, Smart Date 2/3/5 128 mm 5686221, Smart Date 5 KCE5312PAT1 53 mm mit 30/38 mm Bohrung 5825525 Smart Date 5 SD5.1 X40 Promopack (VPE= 3 Stk.) ENM10061945 , Smart Date 5 V.1 X40 INT printhead module ENM10041170 Smart Date SD5.1 53mm 10042449 , Smart Date X40 53mm ENM10053339 , Smart Date X60 ENM19958397 , Smart Date X60 53 mm ENM10058307 Smart Date X60 53 mm 1x Thermoleiste + 1x Andruckrolle ENM10059485 , Smart Date X60 53 mm High Speed longlife ENM10069723 Smart Date X60 53 mm Promopack (VPE=3 Stk.) ENM10061947 , Smart Date X60 128 mm ENM10068332 , Smart Date X60S 53 mm ENM10069724 Smartdate 1 30632-BA , SmartDate 5 128 mm MI-10029219 , X40 32mm (integrated flex) 10053340 , X40 53mm WDE (integrated flex) ENM10051760 Markpoint MP104 MKII EP1048X 501910 , Matisse TPH108R10A, Mec T50 17067-10812 , Mec T50 F20 17066-10408 , Mec T50i Generation3 F100 MT42500SP Mec T50i T60i Generation3 - F100 - alternativ MT42500SP alternativ , Mec T50i T60i Generation3 F100 Alternativ zu MT42500SP Mec T50 T50B D40 DB100 14254-10812 , Mec T60 14255-16212 , Mec T60 160mm 13867-16008, Mec T60 168 mm 14252-16808, Mec T70 216mm 14779-21608 Mec T70 219 mm KRG219 25224 , Mec T90 KST2968MPD1MCT (1686529608) 400111 , Metapace für / for C1 49100060, Metapace für / for L2 AK04-00009B Metapace für / for L3 mpl3ph8, Metapace für / for L2 AK04-00009A , Metapace L1 / SRP770 V1 & V2 JE75-00032K , Meto 5000/8100/8200 Alternativ zu 8428251 Meto 8000 8488691 , Meto MN4 E4203 E4204 PHD20-2192-01 , Meto OS204/214 8402810 , Meto SP40III Y58139228737 , Meto SP40III Y58139228736 , Meto V85 8426794 Mettler Toledo GA46 12182.41 , Mettler Toledo KM2003A210C KM2003-A210C , Mettler Toledo PASS3008/3012 12805.43 , Microplex Logijet T62 Logijet T6-2 Microplex Solid 45 ET mit Dot Abgleicher Solid 45 ET, Microplex Solid ET45 6178-2 , Microplex Solid T8 mit Dot Abgleicher Solid T8 , Mitani Thermo MT-S4-8-5S Mitani Thermo MT-S2-8-5S, Mitani Thermo Smart Date 1 SD1 MT-S2-8-1N , Monarch 9403 118387, Monarch 9414 30531403 Monarch 9820/9830 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 12678301) 12011101 , Monarch 9825/9850/9855 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 12055101 + 12011101) 12678301 Monarch 9825/9850/9855 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 12678301) 12055101 , Monarch 9830/9840 11682901 , Monarch 9830/9850/9855 Paxar 610/611 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 12055201) 12678401 Monarch 9850/9855 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 12678401) 12055201, Monarch 9906 126460 , Monarch 9906 ADTP1 127032 , Monarch 9906 ADTP1 127033 , Multivac 53mm 106679901 Multivac 107mm 200154659 , NCR 7167 NCR7167 , NCR 7197 4970470348 , NCR 7346 F307/F309 NCR7346 , 805/807 95979 , 6404TTX674DPM4ALX A0978 6405 Chess 5 DPMPEMALX925ALX735 A0979 , 6406 Chess 6 ALX926 A0980 , 6408 Chess 8 A0981, ALX 710 TTX 500 (Abgekündigt) 96200 ALX 720 PEM TTX 450 Puma X1855 , ALX 720 TTX 450 Puma 98969 , ALX 910 6 A1628, ALX 910 TTX 600 (Abgekündigt) 95238 ALX 924 A2817 AP 2.4 A3974 AP 3.4 A3975 AP 4.4/5.4 AP 7.t overcoat A100413 AP 4.4/5.4 AP 7.t XLP 504 A4431 AP 4.4 AP 5.4 AP 7.t XLP 504 A4031 AP 5.6 A100169 AP 5.6 A9967 AP 7.t A6549 AP 7.t A6550 Astromed AP CL 1/1 A5470 Cobra TTX 300 95827 für Typ M100 18167-038 Lion/TDI/XXTrem 98915 Ocelot TTK A0418 Ocelot TTK A0417 Tiger TTX 950 98968 TTX 550 98038 XLP 504 N100040 Open Date 5775 KDE-57-12MGL-OD P8442 P8442 Pago 10/108T G0666514 Pago 15/106T 15/120 G0105032 Pago 15/110TI 15/120E1 G0668622 Pago 15/165ST 15/168E G0668301 Pago 15/168Ti G0668352 Pago 16/104T + 16/114Ei G0668501 Pago 16/104Ti G0668571 Pago 45/165T LH4423AK Pago145-200 Pago 45/165T LH6409AK Pago145-300 Paxar Monarch Handheld 6035 115864 Printronix T2N 257341-004 Printronix T2N 257341-004 Printronix T2N 257341-003 Printronix T2N 257341-003 Printronix T2N 257341-003 Printronix T4M 252380-001 Printronix T4M 252379-001 Printronix T4M 252380-001 Printronix T5204e 251243-001 Printronix T5204r 251011-001 Printronix T5204r 251011-001 Printronix T5206e T5206r 251235-001 Printronix T5208e/r 251239-001 Printronix T5304e 251244-001 Printronix T5304r - SL5304r 251012-001 Printronix T5304r SL5304r 251012-001 Printronix T5306e T5306r 251236-001 printronix T5308e/r 251240-001 Printronix T8000 - 258704-002 Printronix T8206e/r 258705-001 Printronix T8208 258706-001 Printronix T8306 258705-002 Printronix T8306r 258705-002 Printronix T8308 258706-002 Printronix T8308 long life 258709-002 KES00315 KD2006-DC91B KM2006-A110A KF2004-DC72 / Printhead KF2002GC27B 280082204000 / Printhead KF2002GM50 KF2002-GM50 KA2002 - DC90C KA2002-DC90C KA2003DC90A KA2003-DC90A KD2002CF12 KD2002-CF12 KD2002CF41 KD2002-CF41 KD2002DF92 KD2002-DF92 KD2003DC91B KD2003-DC91B KD2003DF92A KD2003-DF92A KD2003DG10 KD2003-DG10 KD2003GD10A KD2003-GD10A KD2004DC72 Nachfolger zu KF2004GM50 KD2004-DC72 D2004DC91B/C KD2004-DC91B KD2004DC91B/C KD2004-DC91B/C KD2004DC91C, Bizerba Alternative KF2004GL14B,mit 4 Bolzen KD2004-DC91C KD2004DC92C KD2004-DC92C KD2004DC92D KD2004-DC92D KD2004DC94 KD2004-DC94 KD2006 - DC72B KD2006-DC72B KD2006DC91 KD2006-DC91 KD3002DC72B KD3002-DC72B KD3002DC92A KD3002-DC92A KD3003DC72B KD3003DC72E KD3003-DC72B KD3004DC10A KD3004-DC10A KD3004DC72D KD3004-DC72D KD3006 - DC10D KD3006-DC10D KD3006 - DC73B KD3006-DC73B KD3006DC73B KD3006-DC73B KE0802A1S KE0802-A1S KE0804A1S (Abgekündigt) KE0804-A1S KF1502A2S KF1502-A2S KF1502C1S KF1502-C1S KF1503C1S KF1503-C1S KF1503C1SXA KF1503-C1SXA KF1504C1S KF1504-C1S KF1902C1S KF1902-C1S KF2002C1SXA KF2002-C1SXA KF2002GC27B KF2002-GC27B KF2002GD10A KF2002-GD10A KF2002GL50 KF2002-GL50 KF2003C1S1B KF2003-C1S1B KF2003DG10A KF2003-DG10 KF2003DG12A KD2003-DG12 KF2003GC20D (Wird Ersetzt Durch KA2003DC90A) KF2003-GC20D KF2003GC20D supp KF2003-GC20D supp. KF2003GC30E KF2003-GC30E KF2003GD10A KF2003-GD10A KF2003GF41A KF2003-GF41A 003GH10D KF2003-GH10D Rohm KF2003GL50A KF2003-GL50A KF2003GL50D KF2003-GL50D KF2003GM11B KF2003-GM11B KF2003GM50A KF2003-GM50A KF2004 -GD40A KF2004-GD40A KF2004B1S KF2004-B1S KF2004B1SXA KF2004-B1SXA KF2004GC19B KF2004-GC19B KF2004GD10 KF2004-GD10 KF2004GD18b KF2004-GD18b KF2004GD20A KF2004-GD20A KF2004GD20B KF2004-GD20B KF2004GH10G KF2004-GH10G KF2004GL14B KF2004-GL14B KF2004GL50 KF2004-GL50 KF2004GM11B KF2004-GM11B KF2004GM50 KF2004-GM50 KF2006GL14B KF2006-GL14B KF2006GL50A KF2006-GL50A KF2006GM50 KF2006-GM50 KF2006GM50A KF2006-GM50A KF3002GL50 KF3002-GL50 KF3002GM50 KF3002-GM50 KF3004GL50A KF3004-GL50A KF3004GM50 KF3004-GM50 KF3004GM50B KF3004-GM50B KF3006 - GM50 2870330 KF3006GL50A KF3006-GL50A KF3006GM50A KF3006-GM50A KL0702A1S KL0702-A1S KM1504A3 (Abgekündigt) KM1504-A3 KM1903 - A2 abgekündigt KM1903-A2 KM2002A210A KM2002-A210A KM2002A210B KM2002-A210B KM2004A310A KM2004-A310A KM2006A310A KM2006-A310A KM2006B3 KM2006-B3 M2006B310A KM2006-B310A Meto AS40 NM3004UA20B 8424506 NE2002VA10A NE2002-VA10A NE3002VA10A NE3002-VA10A NE3002WA10B NE3002-WA10B NE3004VA10A NE3004-VA10A NE3004WA10B NE3004-WA10B NM2002UA10A NM2002-UA10A NM2003UA10A NM2003-UA10A NM2004UA10A NM2004-UA10A NM3004A4 NM3004-A4 NM3004UA10A NM3004-UA10A CG208 DT R13869000 CG208 TT R13864000 CG212 DT R13870000 CG212 TT R13865000 CG408 DT R14481011 CG408 TT R14464020 CG412 DT R14482011 CG412 TT R14465020 CL4NX R29799000 CL4NX R29798000 CL4NX R29797000 CL6NX R32169900 CL6NX R32169600 CL408 CL408e GZ408e LM408e before Ser. Nr 7G03xxxx GH000741A CL412e GZ412e GH000771A CL412 M8490S M8490Se GH000831A CL608 CL608e 460S M8460Se GH000661A CL612 CL612e GH000671A CT400 RC0A20302 CT408i DT R04733001 CT408i TT R10168000 CT410 RC0A20402 CT412i DT R08329100 CT412i TT R10169000 CT424i DT R12108000 CT424i TT R10170000 CX108 YVCX20038 CX200 YVCX20045 CX208 YVCX20052 CX210 YVCX20033 CX212 YVCX20053 CX400 WWCX45733 DR300 (Abgekündigt) GH000581A DR310 GH000591A GL408e R10100000 GL412e R10101000 GT408e WWGT05810 GTe412e WWGT05820 GTe424e WWGT05830 HT200e G00011000 LM408e2 after Serial Number 7H03xxxx R11375100 LM412e /LM412e2 (alt: G00251000) R11375000 LM412e /LM412e2 (Wird Ersetzt Durch: R11375000) G00251000 LT408 R07333000 M10e PR7A60101 M84Pro WWM845820 M84 Pro WGT405830 M84Pro WWM845810 M84Pro WWM845800 M5900 M5900RV M5900RVe P00273000 M8400/M8400S M8400VA GH000231A M8400RV/M8400RVe (Abgekündigt) GH000811A M8450 (Abgekündigt) GH000211A M8459S M8459Se GH000801A M8465Se G00258000 M8480S M8485S GH000441A M8480S M8485S M8485Se GH000781A MB20Xi R05607001 S84ex R29226000 S84ex R29225000 S84ex R29219000 S86ex (statt Art Nr. R20747001) R32975200 S86ex (statt Art Nr. R21515001) R32975300 S86ex (Wird Ersetzt durch: R32975200) R20747001 S86ex (Wird Ersetzt durch: R32975300) R21515001 S8408 R08081010 S8412 R08082010 S8424 R08083020 Sato Tec 4628 KE2004-F3S TC408/TC408X 59-C21A2-002 TG308e R14222000 TG312e R14223000 TH208e R14565030 XL410 XL410e R00183000 Schilling PS2000BB PS2000BB Schilling PS2005BB PS2005BB Schilling PS5050AP PS5050AP Schilling PS5501AP PS5501AP SHEC 3G2164IHG 119515 Star 37469010 37469010 Star TSP400/TUP400 30905010 Star TSP600 bon5167 Star TSP847/TUP900 30905040 TDK LHE4250 LHE4250 B30 HP82B207000 B63A 24370000080 B65 FMBC0001002 B211 FMBC0063601 B372 FMBB0036203 B442 FMYH0012901 B452 FMBC0073202 B452 FMBC0073203 B452HS FMBC0087501 B470/472 / Meto SP/40 (end of life) FMBB0050105 B472 Meto SP40 FMBB0050105 B482 GBC-0054004 B492L B492R Alternativ zu GO-00208000 alternativ B602 FMBC0015106 B672 TEA B682 TEA FMBC0044307 B852 FMBC0102003 B852 FMBC0089706 B872 TEA B882 TEA FMBC0044306 B - EV4 7FM03785000 B - EX4T1 - ersetzt / replaces: 18221165326 0TSBC0117201F B - EX4T2 0TSBC0145201F B - SA4T 7FM00973000 B/430/431 (Abgekündigt) FMBC0061803 B/492/L/ B/492/R (Abgekündigt) GO-00208000 B/572 (Abgekündigt) FMBB0050103 BEP2 7FM03642000 BEP4 7FM03627000 BEV4 7FM03785000 BEV4 7FM03784000 BEX4T1 (Ersetzt alte/ replaces old Art.Nr. 18221165325) 0TSBC0117001F BEX4T1 (Ersetzt alte / replaces old Art.Nr. 18221165326) 0TSBC0117201F BEX4T1 (Wird ersetzt durch / replaced by 0TSBC0117001F) 18221165325 BEX4T1 (Wird ersetzt durch / replaced by 0TSBC0117201F) 18221165326 BEX4T2 0TSBC0145201F BEX4T2 BEX4D2 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 18221165338) 0TSBC0145001F BEX4T2 BEX4D2 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 18221165339) 0TSBC0145101F BEX4T2 BEX4D2 (Wird Ersetzt Durch: 0TSBC0145001F) 18221165338 BEX4T2 BEX4D2 (Wird Ersetzt Durch: 0TSBC0145101F) 18221165339 BEX6T1 Near Edge 7FM06977000 BEX6T1 Near Edge 7FM07063000 BEX6T3 Flat Head 7FM07075000 BEX6T3 Flat Head 7FM07076000 BFV4T (Ersetzt Alte / replaces old Art Nr. 18221165376) 7FM06507000 BFV4T (Ersetzt Alte : replaces old Art Nr. 18221165377) 7FM06508000 BSA4T 7FM00973100 BSA4T 7FM00973000 BSV4T 98-0250128-00 BSV4T 7FM02684000 BSX4T 7FM01641000 BSX5T 7FM01641100 BSX6 7FM01584100 BSX8 7FM01584000 BSX600 7D110530 CB416 CB426 FMBC0046103 FV4D Assy Print Head 7FM06646000 TG2480 TG2480 Tharo H427 H427+ 023-22P005-060 Tharo H434 (Abgekündigt) 141-020045-95 Tharo H434 Alternativ zu 141-020045-95 alternativ Tharo H436 H435+ 023-23P001-060 Tharo H626 023-62P001-60 Tharo H634 023-63P001-60 Tharo T4210 023-Z2i001-060 Tharo T4307 023-Z3i001-060 Tharo T4604 023-Z6i001-060 Tharo V434+ (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 141010063902) 023-130001-060 Tharo/Godex H426 141-020044-95 Tharo/Godex H 434 141-020045-962 Tharo/Godex H/V433 141-010063-90 Tharo/Godex V426 141-010062-90 Tharo/Godex V426 V424/426 plus 023-120015-060 TL80 TL80 Topex 3000 + 7000 56 mm KES05363 Topex 3000/7000 1300127000 KES01065 ALPHA 3R 98-0480007-10LF DA200 98-0580061-00LF DA300 98-0580061-01LF ME240 98-0420005-00LF ME340 98-0420005-01LF MH240 98-0600022-00LF MH340 98-0600022-01LF MH640 98-0600022-02LF MX240 98-0510090-00LF MX340 98-0510090-01LF MX640 98-0510090-02LF TA210 98-0450015-00LF TA300 98-0450015-01LF TDP225/W 98-0390005-00LF TDP244 98-0430006-00LF TDP245 (Wird Ersetzt Durch: 98026004410) 98-0260044-00 TDP245/TPD247 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 98026004400) 98-0260044-10LF TDP643R plus 64-0010012-00 TDP - 245/TDP-247 - ersetzt: 98 - 0260044-00 98-0260044-10LF TDP TTP345 (Wird Ersetzt Durch: 98028000710LF) 98-0280007-00LF TDP TTP345 alt: 98028000700LF 98-0280007-10LF TTP225 98-0400009-00LF TTP243M /243Plus/243EPlus/244ME Plus 64-0010011-00 TTP244 64-0180002-00 TTP244 Plus 64-0330001-00 TTP244 Pro 98-0570022-00LF TTP245 245Plus 98-0250128-00LF TTP245C Serie 98-0330019-00 TTP246M (Abgekündigt) 98-0220043-00 TTP246M Plus (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98047002200LF) 98-0240069-00 TTP246M Pro Economy model (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 98024006900LF) 98-0470022-00LF TTP247(Ersetzt Alte ArtNr. 98025012820LF) 98-0250128-30LF TTP247 wird (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98025012830LF) 98-0250128-20LF TTP248M 64-0010016-00 TTP248M 64-0010016-00LF TTP268M 98-0410008-00LF TTP286MT 98-0350060-01LF TTP323 98-0400009-01LF TTP342/M 64-0010010-00 TTP342 Plus (Wird Ersetzt Durch 64018000500LF) 64-0010010-01LF TTP342 PRO 64-0180005-00LF TTP343 98-0270032-00 TTP343 343Plus 98-0270032-00LF TTP343C Serie (Wird Ersetzt Durch ArtikelNr. 98033001911LF) 98-0330019-01 TTP344 98-0220044-00 TTP344M Plus (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98047002300LF) 98-0240070-00 TTP344M TTP346M Pro Economy model 98-0470023-00LF TTP346 98-0240047-03 TTP346M 98-0470021-00LF TTP346M 346M PRO (98047002100LF) 98-0240068-10LF TTP346M (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98024006810LF) 98-0240068-00 TTP346MT 98-0470074-01LF TTP366M 98-0410008-01LF TTP368MT 98-0410061-01LF TTP384M 98-0350036-10 TTP384M 98-0350032-00LF TTP384MT 98-0350060-00LF TTP644M ((Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 98024007100LF) 98-0470024-00LF TTP644M (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98047002400LF) 98-0240071-00LF TTP644MT 98-0470074-02LF TTP2410 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 98024006700) 98-0240047-00 TTP2410M (Wird Ersetzt Durch: 98047002000LF 98-0240067-00 TTP2410M PRO 98-0470020-00LF TTP2410M PRO (Wird Ersetzt Durch Nr.: 98047002000LF) 98-0240067-10LF TTP2410MT 98-0470074-00LF TTP2610MT 98-0410061-00LF TTP - 244 Plus 64-0330001-00LF TTP - 342 PRO - alte Artikelnr: 64 - 0180005 - 00L 98-0180162-01LF 568 ILS/VIL 37.04.0561 808 ILS/VIL 37.04.0851 Compa 104/8 37.04.1025 Compa 104/8 37.04.1026 Compa 104A/8 37.04.1025A Compa 104A/8 37.04.1026A Compa 106/12 37.04.2315 Compa 106/12 37.04.2316 Compa 106/12 37.04.232 Compa 162/12 37.04.1625 Compa 162/12 37.04.1626 Compa 162/12A 37.04.1625A Compa I + II 162/12 37.04.1625B Compa II 104/8 37.04.1158 ompa II 104A/106A 37.04.1025B Compa II 108/12 37.04.2337 Desco II Desco 106 37.04.110 Desco II SPE 106 Vario II 37.04.107 Desco II Vario II (104) 37.04.102 Desco II Vario TT 37.04.1021 DPM I 37.04.108 DPM IIIc DPM IIIi Dynacode 37.04.053 DPM IIIxi/DPM IIIc Dynacode 107 37.04.1013 DPM IIIxi/DPM IIIC Dynacode longlife 37.04.1015 Duoprint 107/12 37.04.1010 DuoPrint 160/12 Spectra II 37.04.1600 Dynacode II Flexicode 37.04.0535 Dynacode II Optimo 128xi DPM IIIxi128 37.04.1283 Easy Print 128 Optimo 128 37.04.128 Genio 104 NP 37.04.104 Genio 216 37.04.217 ILS 5412 37.04.0541 ILS / VIL 37.04.0861 ILX 808 37.04.0856 ILX 8112 37.04.0866 KCE160 longlife 37.04.1601 Micra 104/8 37.04.114 Micra 106/12 37.04.113 Optimo 128 - longlife 37.04.1285 Optimo 213 37.04.220 Pica 104 37.04.1022 Pica 108 37.04.1081 Pica + Vita II 108/12 37.04.2335 Pica II + Vita II 106/12 37.04.2326 Pica/Vita II 104/8 37.04.1156 Solo 51 37.04.051 Solo 80 37.04.080 Solo 80 Kyocera 37.04.081 Spectra 107/DPM IIIi SPE longlife 37.04.1011 Spectra 107 DPM II Spectra 108/12 37.04.100 Spectra 160 SPE160 DuoPrint Optimo 150 37.04.160 Spectra 162 SPE 162 37.04.162 Spectra 162 SPE 162 37.04.162 Spectra 216 37.04.218 Spectra II 162/12 37.04.1621 SPX I + II 104/8 37.04.1157 SPX I + II 106/12 37.04.2318 SPX I + II 108/12 37.04.2338 SPX I+II 162/12 37.04.1627 SPX II 103/8 37.04.1029 Vario III 103/8 37.04.1020 Vario III 104/8 37.04.1150 Vario III 107/12 37.04.2320 Vario III 107/24 37.04.2340 Vario III 108/12T 37.04.2330 Vita 104/8 37.04.1155 Vita 104/8 37.04.1155 VITA104/8 VITA II SPX COMPA II PICA II 04.115 VITA104/8 VITA II SPX COMPA II PICA II 37.04.115 Vita 106/12 37.04.2316A Vita 106/12 Compa II 106/12 37.04.2315A Vita II 103/8 37.04.1027 Vita II 106/24 37.04.2345 6210 KCE-32-12PAJ1 9550 - 53 mm 407064 9550/9950 406315 9550/9950 406315 Dataflex 6320 6420 53 mm 215984 Dataflex 6420 53 mm 215984 Willett Easyprint 282i 53mm KCE-53-12PAJ1-ESP Wincor Nixdorf TH200E TH200E Wincor Nixdorf TH230+ TH230+ Wincor Nixdorf TH230E TH230E 90Xi 90XiII 90XiIII 47000M 90XiII 96XiIII 110PAX G47500M 105S 105Se S500 44200M 105S / S300 / S500 Alternativ zu 44000M alternativ 105S/ 105Se (Abgekündigt) 44800M 105S/Se S300/500 44000M 105SL G32433M 105SL G32432-1M 105SL G32432-1M 105SL compatible G32433M compatible 105SL compatible G32432-1M compatible 105SL Plus P1053360-019 105SL Plus P1053360-018 105SL Plus compatible P1053360-019 compatible 105SL Plus compatible P1053360-018 alternativ 110PAX3 - RH compatible 43038M compatible 110PAX3 / RH compatible 43038M compatible 110PAX4 compatible G57212M compatible 110PAX4 compatible G57202-1M compatible 110PAX4 LH G57242M 110PAX4 LH Alternativ zu G57242M alternativ 110PAX4 RH G57212M 110PAX4 RH/LH G57202-1M 110PAX 110PAX3 LH 43075M 110PAX 110PAX3 LH/RH 43036-1M 110PAX 110PAX3 RH 43038M 110Xi4 P1004233 110Xi4 P1004232 110Xi4 P1004230 110Xi4 Alternativ zu P1004232 alternativ 110Xi4 Alternativ zu P1004230 alternativ 110XiIII110XiIII plus G41001M 110XiIII110XiIII plus G41000-1M 110XiIII Alternativ zu G41001M alternativ 110XiIII Alternativ zu G41000-1M alternativ 110XiIII longlife Alternativ zu G41001-2M alternativ 110XiIII plus Extended Life 41001-2M 140Xi4 P1004234 140Xi4 compatible P1004234 compatible 140XiII / 140XiIII / plus G48000M 140XiII/140XiIII/plus compatible (auch für 40000M) G48000M compatible 170Xi4 ZE5006 RH&LH P1004237 170Xi4 ZE5006 RH&LH P1004236 170Xi(Abgekündigt) 46000M 170XiII 170XiIII PAX4 G46500M 170XiIII Plus 160S 172PAX 170PAX4 G38000M 170XiIII/170PAX3+4 (G465001M) Alternativ zu G46500M compatible 170XiIIIPlus 170Pax3/4 extended life 46500-2M 220Xi4 P1004239 220Xi4 P1004238 220XiII 220XiIII G22000M 220XiIII plus G47426M Assy GT800 P1025950-019 Assy GT800 P1073117-007 Assy ZD420/ZD620 DirectThermal P1080383-415 Assy ZD420/ZD620 DirectThermal P1080383-416 GK420/GX420 Thermotransfer 105934-038 GK420d/GX420d Thermodirekt 105934-037 GX430 Thermotransfer 105934-039 HC100 Thermodirekt 61330M Kartendrucker P110i + P120i 105940-024 Kartendrucker P110i + P120i 105940G-270 Kartendrucker P210i 105925-001 Kartendrucker P310i P320i P420i 105909-112 Kartendrucker P330i P430i 105912G-346 Kartendrucker P330i P430i 105912G-346A LP 2844 LP 2844Z G105910-048 P4T RK18931-001 PA400 PT400 505030M QL220 RK18278-1 QL220+ Kit RK17735-016 QL 320 AN16861-027 QL320 RK18277-1 QL320 + Kit RK18465-003 QL420 RK18252-1 QL420 + Kit Repair mit Sensor RK17735-004 QLn220 P1031365-070 QLn320 P1031365-001 QLn420 P1050667-001 QLn420 P1050667-001 RW 220 RK17949-005 RW420 RK17393-005 S4M G41401M S4M G41400M S4M Alternativ zu G41401M alternativ S4M Alternativ zu G41400M alternativ S400 44999M S600 G44998-1M S600 Alternativ zu G44998-1M alternativ T300 14500M TLP2844 TLP2844Z R402 GC420 G105910-053 TLP 3842 3844 G105910-155 TTP 2000 Series 104399 TTP 7030/80 01136-080 TTP 7030/112 01136-112 TTP 8200 104988 TTP 8300 101770 Z4M plus Z4M Z4000 G79057M Z4M plusZ4M (Wird Ersetzt Durch P1006740) G79056-1M Z4M plusZ4M Conversation Kit auf G79083-1 Z4M/Z4M+/Z4000 Alternativ /compatible G79057M compatible Z4M/Z4M+/Z4000 Alternativ zu G79056-1M compatible Z6M compatible G79059M compatible Z6M compatible G79058M compatible Z6M plus G79058M Z6M plus -Z6M - Z6000 G79059M Z6M plus Z6000 G79059M Z90 Z90A Z92 30000M Z105 45000M Z130 01728-1M Z130R 10551M Z140 Z142 Z143 140Xi 40000M Z220 Z221 Z222 Z223 (Abgekündigt) 10612M ZD420 P1080383-007 ZD420 P1080383-001 ZE5004 /RH & LH Alternativ zu P1046696-016 alternativ ZE5004 RH & LH P1046696-016 ZE5004 RH & LH P1046696-099 ZM400 79802M ZM400 79801M ZM400 79800M ZM400 compatible 79801M compatible ZM400 compatible 79800M compatible ZM600 / RZ600 79804M ZM600 / RZ600 79803M ZM600/RZ600 compatible 79804M compatible ZM600 compatible 79803M compatible ZT220/ZT230 P1037974-011 ZT220/ZT230 P1037974-010 ZT220/ZT230 compatible P1037974-010 compatible ZT410 P1058930-011 ZT410 P1058930-010 ZT410 P1058930-009 ZT410 compatible P1058930-010 alternativ ZT410 compatible P1058930-009 compatible ZT420 P1058930-013 ZT420 P1058930-012 ZT420 P1058930-013 ZT420 compatible P1058930-013 compatible ZT420 compatible P1058930-012 compatible ZT510 P1083347-006 ZT510 P1083347-005 ZT610 ZT610R P1083320-012 ZT610 ZT610R P1083320-011 ZT610 ZT610R P1083320-010 ZT620 ZT620R P1083320-016 ZT620 ZT620R P1083320-015 ZXP3 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. P1031925067) P1031925-070 ZXP3 (Wird Ersetzt Durch P1031925070) P1031925-067 Zodiac 107mm KCE-107-12PAJ2-ZPH Zodiac 107mm KCE-107-12PAJ1-ZPH Zodiac ICE 53T 34986ZPH Zodiac/Dataflex/ ICE 53T KCE-53-12PAJ1-ZPH BHP4432HS BHP4433WS BHP4434FS BHP4457SS BHP4504HS BHP4513HS BHP4A01SS BHP5702SS BHP6204SS BHP6206WS BHP6306HS BHP6309WS BHP6312FS  BHP6405HS BHP6406FS BHP6412HS BHP6416FS BHP6432HS BHP6502FS BHP6504HS BHP8401SS BHP8403FS BHP9402FS BHP9403SS BHP9407FS BHP9408FS BOCA 3.25 Systems BRADY Avery Paxar 636 656 351102, Avery Paxar 676 5371102, Avery Paxar SNAP 500 5581190, Avery Paxar SNAP 500 5631194, Avery Paxar SNAP 600 5595090 PTL-84-499 BRADY R6210 BTB-689v-0 BTB-6894V-0 BW200 BW500 BWF4437SS BWF6422SS BWP4321SS BWP4438SS BWP6423SS CAB leptons Datamax H4408 PHD20224201 PHD20-2242-01, Datamax H4606 PHD20-2243-01, Datamax H6210 PHD20-2245-01, Datamax H6308/6310 A6310 PHD20-2246-01 Apollo1 Apollo2 Hermes5300  Tharo 112 / Tradex Apollo 2 cabezal de impresion termica cabezal impresora cabezal termico cabezal termico para cabezales de impresion termicos cabezales de repuesto cabezales termicos cap de imprimare termica capul de imprimare termica CFS Thermodrucker LPM 16/12 Cicrespi Cigiemme Cobra 66mm Daumar CAE55 de impresion termica di stampa termica d'impression thermique Domino M Series Domino V300+ Argox X3000+ X3000, Argox X3200 Z/E/ZE 23-83424-004, Argox/Meto X2000+ X2000+, Astromed QLS2001/3001 QLS2001, Astromed QLS4100XE D-14076001 DPO15-2591-01 DPO15-2615-01 DPO15-2676-01 DPO20-2118-01 DPO20-2132-01 DPO20-2148-01 DPO20-2155-01 DPO20-2163-01  DPO20-2163-01 DPO20-2164-01 DPO20-2164-01 DPO20-2167-01 DPO20-2177-01 DPO20-2178-01 DPO20-2181-01 DPO20-2182-01 DPO20-2192-01 DPO20-2195-01 DPO20-2206-01 DPO20-2208-01 DPO20-2209-01 DPO20-2213-01 DPO20-2220-01  DPO20-2225-01 Do printheads need to be replaced DPO20-2240-01 DPO20-2246-01 DPO20-2262-01 DPO20-226301 DPO220035 DPO220037 DPO220038 Datamax MP Compact4 MarkII + III für ZPL Emulation PHD20-2271-01, Datamax MP Compact4 MarkII + III für ZPL Emulation PHD20-2270-01, Datamax MP Nova4 ENM533529 DPO220039 DPO220042 druk termiczny druk termiczny glowy EasyPrint CM2 EasyPrint V400,  EasyPrint TM5 EP104-8X EXO-00030 FP80-8X G00013002 G00026002 G00295000 G-0666504 G-0666568 G-0668501 G-0668571 G-0668622 G105902-190 GBC0054004 GEB-2294V-0 GEB-2294V-0 Genicom 6481 GH000211A GH000771A GH000781A GH50B745 GHP4475B Hasma LA46 Hasma LA46-PC Ilapak Impresoras Termicas y Codigo de Barra impressao termica IMPRIMANTE TERMICE  IMPRIMANTELE TERMICE  ITW Betaprint ITW Betaprint Jaguar 52KYO 53LT 55ss JA99089-0 JE99149-0 JE99694-0 JK197010 KA2002-BE10A KA2002-DC90C KA2003-BE10A KA2003-DC90A KA2004-BE10A Argox X1000/2000+ (Wird Ersetzt Durch 5920008001) 23-82424-001, Argox X1000v/2000v/2000zip/F1 wird (Wird Ersetzt Durch 59F10A1001) 23-82424-002 KA2008-AF10A KCE-53-12MPT1  KCE-53-12MPT1-AG KCE-53-12MPT1-BPT KCE-53-12MPT1-ESP Eidos Swing KCE5312PAJ1 KCE-53-12PAJ1-Swing, ELS190 ELS195 ELS190, ELS191/192 KPA10612TAF5 Dünnfilm ELS191 ,ELS191/192 PI03 Dünnfilm ELS191 PI03, ELS 192 Dickschicht ELS192, ELS195/520 ELS195-, ELS TT 192 107138, ELS Wilux / ELS193 5977321 KCE-53-12MPT1-ISA KCE-53-12MPT1-JMS KCE-53-12MPT1-MKM KCE-53-12MPT1-PR Digi SM80/SM90/SM100/SM110/SM300/SM600 14LLTHDLHE4253, Digi SM500 V2 MK4 SM500 V2 MK4, DIGI THALH4420 MIW 3600 535-051 KCE-53-12MPT1-STB Domino KCE-53-12MPT1-TAC KCE-53-12MPT1-TAL KCE-53-12MPT1-VA KCE-53-12MPT1-ZPH KCE-53-12PAG1 KCE-53-12PAG1-AG Datamax I4308 PHD20-2182-01, Datamax I4310 MarkII PHD20-2279-01, Datamax I4406 PHD20-2208-01, Datamax I4604 PHD20-2209-01, Datamax I4606 MarkII PHD20-2281-01 KCE-53-12PAG1-BPT KCE-53-12PAG1-ESP KCE-53-12PAG1-ISA KCE-53-12PAG1-JMS KCE-53-12PAG1-MKM CAB Mach4.3S SQUIX 4.3 5977382001, CAB Mach 4 ab Serien Nr. 0010000 5541077, CAB Mach 4 ab Serien Nr. 0010000 5541073, CAB Mach 4 ab Serien Nr. 0010000 5541074 KCE-53-12PAG1-PR KCE-53-12PAG1-STB KCE-53-12PAG1-TAC KCE-53-12PAG1-TAL KCE-53-12PAG1-VA KCE-53-12PAG1-ZPH KCE-53-12PAJ1 KCE-53-12PAJ1-AG KCE-53-12PAJ1-BPT KCE-53-12PAJ1-EAS KCE-53-12PAJ1-EDS KCE-53-12PAJ1-ESP KCE-53-12PAJ1-ISA KCE-53-12PAJ1-JMS KCE-53-12PAJ1-MKM Datamax MClass MarkII Alternativ zu PHD20-2261-01 alternativ, Datamax MP Compact4 532581, Datamax MP Compact4 532580 KCE-53-12PAJ1-OD Citizen CLP 4121 (Abgekündigt) JA99502-0, Citizen CLP 6001 / S/4 (Abgekündigt) JE99149-00, Citizen CLP 7001 (Abgekündigt) JE99427-0 KCE-53-12PAJ1-PR KCE-53-12PAJ1-STB KCE-53-12PAJ1-TAC KCE-53-12PAJ1-TAL KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA KCE-53-12PAJ1-ZPH KCE-53-12PAK1-AG KCE-53-12PAK1-BPT DIGI TPH60R7 10LXTHD0H60R70, DIGI TPH80R10 565-726-04, DIGI TPH80R11 565-699-04, Digi TVP 3000 TVP 3000, DIGI WI 3600 THALH 3121A 10LTTHD003121A KCE-53-12PAK1-ESP KCE-53-12PAK1-ISA KCE-53-12PAK1-JMS KCE-53-12PAK1-MKM KCE-53-12PAK1-PR KCE-53-12PAK1-STB KCE-53-12PAK1-TAC KCE-53-12PAK1-TAL KCE-53-12PAK1-VA  KCE-53-12PAK1-ZPH KCE-53-12PATI Argox X1000V/2000V/2000zip/F1 X2300 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 2382424002) 59-F10A1-001, 65620170501, Bizerba GHGLPGSGVGX Serie (Wird Ersetzt Durch KD2003DC91B / 65620170501) 65620170500, Bizerba GHPlus 65620171600, Argox X3000+ 23-80011-002 KCE-53-12PATI-AG KCE-53-12PATI-BPT KCE-53-12PAT1-EDS Intermec E4/ EC 301 (Abgekündigt)1-301100-90, Intermec EC 201 1-989125-90, Intermec EC 201 1-989115-90, Intermec EC 401 (Abgekündigt) 1-010013-90 KCE-53-12PATI-ESP KCE-53-12PATI-ISA KCE-53-12PATI-JMS KCE-53-12PATI-MKM KCE-53-12PATI-PR KCE-53-12PATI-STB KCE-53-12PATI-TAC KCE-53-12PATI-TAL KCE-53-12PATI-VA KCE-53-12PATI-ZPH KCE-53-I2MPTI KCE-53-I2MPTI-AG KCE-53-I2MPTI-BPT KCE-53-I2MPTI-ESP KCE-53-I2MPTI-ISA KCE-53-I2MPTI-JMS Intermec PF8t 024-007006-030, Intermec PF8t 024-007006-020, Intermec PF8t 024-007006-030, Intermec PM23 710-228S-001, Intermec PM42/PM43 710-179S-001 KCE-53-I2MPTI-MKM KCE-53-I2MPTI-PR KCE-53-I2MPTI-STB KCE-53-I2MPTI-TAC KCE-53-I2MPTI-TAL Datamax Intermec PC43t PD43d PD43t (Wird Ersetzt Durch durch: 225783001), Intermec PD23d PD23t 201-031-230, Intermec PD23d PD23t 201-031-220, Intermec PD41/PD42 141-000045-962 Prodigy 220035, Datamax Prodigy 220037, Datamax Prodigy Max (Abgekündigt) DPO20-2148-01, Datamax Prodigy Plus / Allegro 1 /2 220039 KCE-53-I2MPTI-VA KCE-53-I2MPTI-ZPH KCE-107-12MPT1-TEN KCE-107-12MPT2 Eidos KCE16012PAJ2 ohne PH Code KCE-160-12PAJ2, Eidos KHT1048PAK1EDS 300975, Eidos KHT1048PAK1EDS 855 300875X, Eidos Printess 120/107 KHT-107-12PAJ-EDS, Eidos Printess + Swing 4/5 KCE-107-12PAJ2-EDS>, Eidos Swing 5 IL KCE12812PAJ2 KCE-128-12PAJ2-Swing Imaje KCE-107-12MPT2-AG KCE-107-12MPT2-AV KCE-107-12MPT2-BPT KCE-107-12MPT2-ESP KCE-107-12MPT2-ISA KCE-107-12MPT2-JMS KCE-107-12MPT2-MKM KCE-107-12MPT2-PR KCE-107-12MPT2-STB Datamax MP Nova4 DT ENM533667, Datamax MP Nova4 DT ENM533529, Datamax MP Nova4 TT ENM533668, Datamax MP Nova4 TT ENM533578, Datamax MP Nova6 DT ENM533640 KCE-107-12MPT2-TAC KCE-107-12MPT2-TAL KCE-107-12MPT2-VA KCE-107-12MPT2-ZPH KCE-107-12PAG2 KCE-107-12PAG2-AG KCE-107-12PAG2-BPT KCE-107-12PAG2-ESP KCE-107-12PAG2-ISA KCE-107-12PAG2-JMS KCE-107-12PAG2-MKM  KCE-107-12PAG2-PR CAB E2 5410030, CAB E4 (Abgekündigt) 5410029, CAB E4 (Abgekündigt) 5410028, CAB EOS 1/4 5965580001, CAB EOS 1/4 5966096001, CAB Hermes A4/A5 LH/RH 5905825001 KCE-107-12PAG2-STB KCE-107-12PAG2-TAC KCE-107-12PAG2-TAL Intermec EC 501 (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 101001091) (Abgekündigt) 1-010010-93, Intermec EC 501 Alternativ zu 1-010010-93 alternativ KCE-107-12PAG2-VA KCE-107-12PAG2-ZPH KCE-107-12PAJ1-AG KCE-107-12PAJ1-AV KCE-107-12PAJ1-BPT KCE-107-12PAJ1-EDS KCE-107-12PAJ1-ESP KCE-107-12PAJ1-ISA KCE-107-12PAJ1-JMS KCE-107-12PAJ1-MKM KCE-107-12PAJ1-PR KCE-107-12PAJ1-STB KCE-107-12PAJ1-TAC KCE-107-12PAJ1-TAL KCE-107-12PAJ1-VA KCE-107-12PAJ1-ZPH KCE-107-12PAJ2 DIGI DP120 THALH 310 10LTTHD0031010, DIGI DPS 2600 TPH60R5M/L344 505-066-14, DIGI DPS 4600 TPH80R5 BM 10LXTHD0H80R50, DIGI DPS 5000 TPH81R5 12LXTHDTPH81R5 KCE-107-12PAJ2-AG KCE-107-12PAJ2-AV KCE-107-12PAJ2-AV Domino V120i V220i 32 mm KCE32 Alternativ zu EPP001359 alternativ, Domino V220i V230i 53 mm EPP001358 KCE-107-12PAJ2-BPT KCE-107-12PAJ2-ESP KCE-107-12PAJ2-ISA KCE-107-12PAJ2-JMS KCE-107-12PAJ2-MKM KCE-107-12PAJ2-PR Mec Datamax H8308 PHD20-2234-01, Datamax H - 4408 PHD20-2242-01, Datamax H - 4408 PHD20-2242-01, Datamax HClass 4212 PHD20-2240-01 alternativ KCE-107-12PAJ2-STB KCE-107-12PAJ2-TAC KCE-107-12PAJ2-TAC KCE-107-12PAJ2-TAL KCE-107-12PAJ2-VA KCE-107-12PAJ2-ZPH KCE-107-12PAK2-AG KCE-107-12PAK2-AV KCE-107-12PAK2-BPT KCE-107-12PAK2-ESP KCE-107-12PAK2-ISA KCE-107-12PAK2-JMS KCE-107-12PAK2-MKM KCE-107-12PAK2-PR Intermec 3400/ 3440/ 4440 (Abgekündigt) 062682S-001, Intermec 3400A 3400B (Abgekündigt) 059003S-001, Intermec 3400A/B/E Alternativ zu 059003S-001 alternativ KCE-107-12PAK2-STB KCE-107-12PAK2-TAC KCE-107-12PAK2-TAL KCE-107-12PAK2-VA CAB A32 Typ 2300 5948640, CAB Apollo1/ Apollo2/ Hermes (Abgekündigt) 5560434, CAB Apollo3 Apollo4 (Abgekündigt) 5560297, CAB Apollo3 Apollo4 Gemini2 5905343 KCE-107-12PAK2-ZPH KCE-107-12PAT1-PHO KCE-107-12PAT1-PH0 KCE-107-12PAT2 KCE-107-12PAT2-AG Intermec 4440 5 MIL 062430S-002, Intermec (Z3) PX4i Assy Kit 400 dpi 850-812-900, Intermec C4 1-092106-90 KCE-107-12PAT2-AV Opendate KCE-107-12PAT2-BPT KCE-107-12PAT2-ESP KCE-107-12PAT2-EDS KCE-107-12PAT2-ISA KCE-107-12PAT2-JMS KCE-107-12PAT2-MKM KCE-107-12PAT2-PR KCE-107-12PAT2-STB KCE-107-12PAT2-TAC KCE-107-12PAT2-TAL KCE-107-12PAT2-TEN KCE-107-12PAT2-VA KCE-107-12PAT2-ZPH KCE-128-12MPT1-TEN KCE-128-12MPT2 DIGI GP1000 LH4408TK 10LTTHD0044080, DIGI HI700 4 Zoll EX0-00030, DIGI HI700 KD3003DC72B 565-743-04, DIGI HI3600 KHT746PAR1TR Intermec PX6 1-040084-900, Ishida WPL5000 (DPW6434FS) BWP4330FS, ITHACA 8000 ITHACA8000, ITW Betaprint für Jaguar 106i & 106c NE3004VA10A IT000007 545-10804 KCE-128-12MPT2-AG KCE-128-12MPT2-AV KCE-128-12MPT2-BPT KCE-128-12MPT2-ESP KCE-128-12MPT2-ISA KCE-128-12MPT2-JMS KCE-128-12MPT2-MKM KCE-128-12MPT2-PR KCE-128-12MPT2-STB KCE-128-12MPT2-TAC KCE-128-12MPT2-TAL KCE-128-12MPT2-VA KCE-128-12MPT2-ZPH KCE-128-12PAG2 KCE-128-12PAG2-AG DIGI HI3600 THA4125K 10LTTHD0041250 (Abgekündigt) 545-380, DIGI HI3600 THALH4125K 10LTTHD0041250, DIGI KHT607PAR1TRS 10LXTHDHT6007S KCE-128-12PAG2-AV KCE-128-12PAG2-BPT KCE-128-12PAG2-ESP Datamax MP Nova6 TT ENM533709, Datamax MP Nova 8 531675, Datamax MP Nova 8 ENM531675, Datamax P1115 PHD104931, Datamax PE43 20-2163-01 KCE-128-12PAG2-ISA KCE-128-12PAG2-JMS KCE-128-12PAG2-MKM KCE-128-12PAG2-PR KCE-128-12PAG2-STB KCE-128-12PAG2-TAC KCE-128-12PAG2-TAL KCE-128-12PAG2-VA KCE-128-12PAG2-ZPH CAB A6+ XC6 5954106001, CAB A6 Typ 6300 5943245, CAB A8+ 5954107001, CAB A8 Altes Modell 5560275, CAB A8 Typ 8300 5945805, CAB A32 Typ 2203 (Abgekündigt) 5948641 KCE-128-12PAJ1-AG KCE-128-12PAJ1-AV KCE-128-12PAJ1-BPT KCE-128-12PAJ1-ESP DIGI LA44 LA45 DPS2600 TPH60R5M/ L344 10LXTHD0H60R50, DIGI LH6404L GP4000 10LTTHD0LH6404, DIGI RM40 14JXPRN0BL1500 KCE-128-12PAJ1-ISA KCE-128-12PAJ1-JMS KCE-128-12PAJ1-MKM KCE-128-12PAJ1-PR KCE-128-12PAJ1-STB KCE-128-12PAJ1-TAC KCE-128-12PAJ1-TAL KCE-128-12PAJ1-VA KCE-128-12PAJ1-ZPH KCE-128-12PAJ2 KCE-128-12PAJ2-AG KCE-128-12PAJ2-AV CAB Mach4.3S - SQUIX 4.3 5977383001, CAB Mach4.3S SQUIX 4.3 5977383001 KCE-128-12PAJ2-BPT KCE-128-12PAJ2-ESP KCE-128-12PAJ2-ISA KCE-128-12PAJ2-JMS Intermec EC 501 DT 1-010014-50, Intermec EC 501 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 101001093) 1-010010-91, Intermec EC 501 with plate 1-010003-92, Intermec EC 501 XP 1-010020-90 KCE-128-12PAJ2-MKM KCE-128-12PAJ2-PR KCE-128-12PAJ2-STB KCE-128-12PAJ2-TAC KCE-128-12PAJ2-TAL KCE-128-12PAJ2-VA KCE-128-12PAJ2-ZPH KCE-128-12PAK2-AG KCE-128-12PAK2 KCE-128-12PAK2-AV KCE-128-12PAK2-BPT KCE-128-12PAK2-ESP CAB Mach4S - SQUIX4 5977444001, CAB Mach4S SQUIX4 5977380001, CAB Mach4S SQUIX4 5977444001, CAB PX4.3L 5956385001, CAB PX4.3 L/R 5956384001KCE-128-12PAK2-ISA KCE-128-12PAK2-JMS ice KCE-128-12PAK2-MKM KCE-128-12PAK2-PR KCE-128-12PAK2-STB KCE-128-12PAK2-TAC KCE-128-12PAK2-TAL KCE-128-12PAK2-VA KCE-128-12PAK2-ZPH KCE-128-12PAT2 KCE-128-12PAT2-AG KCE-128-12PAT2-AV KCE-128-12PAT2-BPT KCE-128-12PAT2-EDS KCE-128-12PAT2-ESP KCE-128-12PAT2-ISA KCE-128-12PAT2-JMS KCE-128-12PAT2-MKM Datamax I4206 I4208 I4212 ab Bj Mitte 2001 PHD20-2181-01, Datamax I4212 MarkII PHD20-2278-01, Datamax I4212 MarkII Alternativ zu PHD20-2278-01 alternativ KCE-107-12PAT2-OD KCE-128-12PAT2-PR KCE-128-12PAT2-SKB KCE-128-12PAT2-STB KCE-128-12PAT2-TAC KCE-128-12PAT2-TAL KCE-128-12PAT2-TEN KCE-128-12PAT2-VA KCE-128-12PAT2-ZPH KCE-160-12MPT1-TEN KCE-160-12MPT2 Bizerba Reiniger Datamax RL3 3in PHD78-2951-01, Datamax ST3306 SV3306 PHD20-2178-01, Datamax ST/SV3210 PHD20-2177-01, Datamax W6208 Titan 6200 PHD20-2164-01 50777050000, Bizerba Reiniger 400ml (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 94008900133) 94008900257, Bizerba Reiniger wird (Wird Ersetzt Durch 94008900257) 94008900133 KCE-160-12MPT2-AG Bizerba TD106/TD108/LP204 Thermo Direkt 94006039981, Bizerba Waage BC800 (Wird Ersetzt Durch 71058420000) 71053940000 KCE-160-12MPT2-AV KCE-160-12MPT2-BPT KCE-160-12MPT2-ESP KCE-160-12MPT2-ISA KCE-160-12MPT2-JMS KCE-160-12MPT2-MKM Intermec EC 601 1-010012-90, Intermec EC 601 XP 1-010021-90, Intermec F2 1-010102-90, Intermec F4 1-010103-95, Intermec F4 1-010103-90, Intermec PB50A 715-508-001 KCE-160-12MPT2-PR Eltron TLP 2044 2046 105902-012, Eltron TLP 2746/ 2746e (Abgekündigt) G105902-190, Eltron TLP 2824Plus TLP 2824 G105910-148, Eltron TLP 3462/3742 (Abgekündigt) 105903-055, Epson TMT 88 5erSerie 2141001, Epson TMT 88IV >2107067, Espera ESD103 522671 KCE-160-12MPT2-STB KCE-160-12MPT2-TAC KCE-160-12MPT2-TAL KCE-160-12MPT2-VA KCE-160-12MPT2-ZPH KCE-160-12PAG2 KCE-160-12PAG2-AG  KCE-160-12PAG2-BPT DIGI WI 3600 THALH 3121A 545-121, Domino M230i - T6 MT42501SP, Domino V100 V200 V320i 53 mm VAS2014, Domino V120i 32mm EPP001359SP KCE-160-12PAG2-ESP KCE-160-12PAG2-ISA KCE-160-12PAG2-JMS KCE-160-12PAG2-MKM KCE-160-12PAG2-PR KCE-160-12PAG2-STB KCE-160-12PAG2-TAC KCE-160-12PAG2-TAL KCE-160-12PAG2-VA KCE-160-12PAG2-ZPH KCE-160-12PAJ1 KCE-160-12PAJ1-AG KCE-160-12PAJ1-AV KCE-160-12PAJ1-BPT KCE-160-12PAJ1-ESP KCE-160-12PAJ1-ISA KCE-160-12PAJ1-JMS Citizen CLP521 JM14703-0, Citizen CLP631 CLS631 JM14706-0, Citizen CLP 1001 (Abgekündigt) JE99234-0, Citizen CLP 4080/4081 (Abgekündigt) JA99089-00 KCE-160-12PAJ1-MKM KCE-160-12PAJ1-PR KCE-160-12PAJ1-STB KCE-160-12PAJ1-TAC KCE-160-12PAJ1-TAL KCE-160-12PAJ1-VA KCE-160-12PAJ1-ZPH KCE-160-12PAJ2 KCE-160-12PAJ2-AG KCE-160-12PAJ2-AV Intermec PD41/PD42 141-000044-962, Intermec PF2i 1-010030-900, Intermec PF4i PF4Ci PM4iA 1-010044-900, Intermec PF4i PF4Ci PM4iA 1-010044-900 KCE-160-12PAJ2-BPT ITW Betaprint für Jaguar TP5100 + 52i 52c IT000002, ITW TP4000 TH000001014, ITW TP4100 KDE5712MGL2 KDE-57-12MGL2 TP4100, Jaguar J27E MT-S2-8-5-ES1 KCE-160-12PAJ2-EDS KCE-160-12PAJ2-ESP KCE-160-12PAJ2-ISA KCE-160-12PAJ2-JMS KCE-160-12PAJ2-MKM KCE-160-12PAJ2-PR Bizerba GLMI 4 65620170800, Bizerba GLMI 168mm 65620171000, Bizerba GLP 58 71053930000, Bizerba GLP 58 71054470000, , Bizerba GLP80 65620171400 KCE-160-12PAJ2-STB KCE-160-12PAJ2-TAC KCE-160-12PAJ2-TAL KCE-160-12PAJ2-VA KCE-160-12PAJ2-ZPH KCE-160-12PAK2-AG KCE-160-12PAK2-AV KCE-160-12PAK2-BPT KCE-160-12PAK2-ESP Intermec 3400C 3400D (Abgekündigt) 069448S-001, Intermec 3600/ (Abgekündigt) 069032S-002, Intermec 4400 4420 4440 055376S-001, Intermec 4420 063716S-001 KCE-160-12PAK2-ISA KCE-160-12PAK2-JMS KCE-160-12PAK2-MKM KCE-160-12PAK2-PR KCE-160-12PAK2-STB KCE-160-12PAK2-TAC KCE-160-12PAK2-TAL KCE-160-12PAK2-VA KCE-160-12PAK2-ZPH KCE-160-12PAT2 KCE-160-12PAT2-AG KCE-160-12PAT2-AV KCE-160-12PAT2-BPT KCE-160-12PAT2-ESP KCE-160-12PAT2-ISA KCE-160-12PAT2-JMS KCE-160-12PAT2-MKM KCE-160-12PAT2-PR KCE-160-12PAT2-STB KCE-160-12PAT2-TAC KCE-160-12PAT2-TAL KCE-160-12PAT2-TEN KCE-160-12PAT2-VA KCE-160-12PAT2-ZPH KCE-213-12MPT1-TEN Bizerba XC Serie KA2003CF11B 71058410000, C.Itoh C310 C315 C-315 KCE-213-12MPT2 KCE-213-12MPT2-AG KCE-213-12MPT2-AV Eltron 2684 (Strata) 105911-003, Eltron DA402 Orion 2443 / LP2442 105910-010, Eltron LP 2622 - LP 2722 - alternativ 105903-001 alternativ, Eltron LP 2622 LP 2722 105903-001, Eltron LP 2824 G105910-102, Eltron LP/TLP 2642/2742/ T402 (Abgekündigt) 105950-020 KCE-213-12MPT2-BPT KCE-213-12MPT2-ESP Datamax W6308 PHD20-2195-01, Datamax W8306 (Abgekündigt) PHD20-2157-01, Daumar CEA 44/55 CP48 92057d, Dibal LP3000 KF2003-GL41A, Dibal LP3400 KF2004-GL41A KCE-213-12MPT2-ISA KCE-213-12MPT2-JMS KCE-213-12MPT2-MKM KCE-213-12MPT2-PR KCE-213-12MPT2-STB KCE-213-12MPT2-TAC KCE-213-12MPT2-TAL KCE-213-12MPT2-VA KCE-213-12MPT2-ZPH KCE-213-12PAG2 KCE-213-12PAG2-AG KCE-213-12PAG2_AV KCE-213-12PAG2-BPT KCE-213-12PAG2-ESP KCE-213-12PAG2-ISA KCE-213-12PAG2-JMS KCE-213-12PAG2-MKM KCE-213-12PAG2-PR KCE-213-12PAG2-STB KCE-213-12PAG2-TAC KCE-213-12PAG2-TAL Datamax M4306 PHD20-2225-01, Datamax M4308 PHD20-2263-01, Datamax Mark II und ICLASS Alternativ zu DPO20-2262-01 alternativ KCE-213-12PAG2-VA KCE-213-12PAG2-ZPH KCE-213-12PAJ1 KCE-213-12PAJ1-AG KCE-213-12PAJ1-AV KCE-213-12PAJ1-BPT KCE-213-12PAJ1-ESP CAB Hermes A4 Typ 4210S >5954081001, CAB Hermes A5 LH/RH 5905825, CAB Hermes A5 LH/RH 5905825001, CAB Hermes A5 LH/RH 5905826, CAB Hermes+ A4+ Typ 4310S XC4 5954072001 KCE-213-12PAJ1-ISA KCE-213-12PAJ1-JMS Imaje / Markpoint MP216 MKII 501913, Imaje / Markpoint Nova4 533529, Imaje / Markpoint Nova4 DT 533667, Imaje / Markpoint Nova4 TT 533668 KCE-213-12PAJ1-MKM KCE-213-12PAJ1-PR KCE-213-12PAJ1-STB KCE-213-12PAJ1-TAC KCE-213-12PAJ1-TAL KCE-213-12PAJ1-VA KCE-213-12PAJ1-ZPH KCE-213-12PAJ2 KCE-213-12PAJ2-AG KCE-213-12PAJ2-AV KCE-213-12PAJ2-BPT KCE-213-12PAJ2-ESP KCE-213-12PAJ2-ISA KCE-213-12PAJ2-JMS KCE-213-12PAJ2-MKM KCE-213-12PAJ2-PR KCE-213-12PAJ2-STB KCE-213-12PAJ2-TAC KCE-213-12PAJ2-TAL KCE-213-12PAJ2-TEN KCE-213-12PAJ2-VA KCE-213-12PAJ2-ZPH KCE-213-12PAK2-AG KCE-213-12PAK2-AV KCE-213-12PAK2-BPT KCE-213-12PAK2-ESP KCE-213-12PAK2-ISA KCE-213-12PAK2-JMS KCE-213-12PAK2-MKM KCE-213-12PAK2-PR KCE-213-12PAK2-STB KCE-213-12PAK2-TAC KCE-213-12PAK2-TAL KCE-213-12PAK2-VA KCE-213-12PAK2-ZPH KCE-213-12PAT2 KCE-213-12PAT2-AG KCE-213-12PAT2-AV KCE-213-12PAT2-BPT KCE-213-12PAT2-ESP Intermec PC4 1-092121-900, Intermec PC43t PD43d PD43t (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 201031430) 225-784-001, Intermec PC43t PD43d PD43t (Wird Ersetzt Durch 225784001) KCE-213-12PAT2-ISA KCE-213-12PAT2-JMS KCE-213-12PAT2-MKM KCE-213-12PAT2-PR KCE-213-12PAT2-STB KCE-213-12PAT2-TAC Bizerba GLP 80 Breite 56 mm 71021550000, Bizerba GLP 80 Breite 56 mm 71021950000, Bizerba GLP 80 Breite 80 mm 71021560000, Bizerba GLP 80 Breite 80 mm 65620170600 KCE-213-12PAT2-TAL KCE-213-12PAT2-TEN KCE-213-12PAT2-VA Datamax M4206 M4208 PHD20-2220-01, Datamax M4206 MarkII PHD20-2261-01, Datamax M4210 MarkII PHD20-2260-01, Datamax M4210 MarkII Alternativ zu PHD20-2260-01 alternativ KCE-213-12PAT2-ZPH KCE-I07-I2MPT2 KD2002-CF10A KD2002-CG10A KD2002-DC10A KD2002-DC70A KD2002-DC72A KD2002-DC91B KD2002-DF10A KD2002-DF10Y KD2002-DF92A KD2002-DG10A KD2003-CF10A KD2003-CG10A KD2003-DC10A KD2003-DC70A KD2003-DC72A Bent Nygard TH100 496.01, Bizerba BW200/500/800 Waage KF19023111B 71054120000, Bizerba E/P 8000 71017100000, Bizerba GD 7200 (Abgekündigt) 65620170200 KD2003-DC91B KD2003-DF10A KD2003-DF11A KD2003-DG10A KD2003-DG12A Godex EZ2250i EZ2200Plus GP-021-22P005-001, Godex EZ2300 GP-460-000017-00, Godex EZ2350i EZ2300PLUS GP-021-23P001-001, Godex EZ4206/4216/4236 GP-460-000016-00, Godex EZ4206/4216/4236 Alternativ zu GP-460-000016-00 alternativ KD2004-CF10A KD2004-CG10A KD2004-DC10A KD2004-DC70A KD2004-DC72A KD2004-DC72Y KD2004-DC91B KD2004-DC94A KD2004-DF10A KD2004-DG10A KD2006-DC10A KD2006-DC70A KD2006-DC72A KD2006-DC91B KD2008-AF10A KD2008-CF10A KD203-DC72B KD3002-DC10A KD3002-DC70A Citizen CLP 7201e CLP 7202e / Pronto 4724 (Abgekündigt) JE99694-00, Citizen CLP 7401 JE99482-0, Citizen CLP 8301 (Abgekündigt) JH09701-0 Citizen CLS6621 PPM80005-00, Citizen CTS801 09803-00, Compuprint 6314 6314-PH6, Dataflex//Zodiac 53mm KCE-53-12PAT1-ZPH KD3002-DC91B KD3002-DF10A KD3003-DC10A KD3003-DC70A KD3003-DC72A KD3003-DC91B KD3003-DC92A KD3003-DF10A KD3004-DC10A KD3004-DC70A KD3004-DC72A KD3004-DC73D KD3004-DC91B KD3004-DC92A KD3004-DF10A KD3004-ZSVLA KD3006-DC10A KD3006-DC70A KD3006-DC72A KD3006-DC91B KD3006-DC92A KD3006-ZSVLA CAB Mach 4 5540884001, CAB Mach 4 5541077001, CAB Mach 4 5540883, CAB Mach 4 5540882, CAB Mach4.3S SQUIX 4.3 5977382001, CAB Mach4.3S SQUIX 4.3 5977382001 KD3008-CF10A KD3008-DF10A KD3008-DF54A KDC 230 KE0802-A1S KEE-57-12GAN-STA KF1503-C1SXA KF1902-31 DIGI 80mm SM500MK4 0EX00401110080, DIGI 80MM SM5500 12LLTHDKPY8TR, DIGI 2600 THL/348TK 4.05916E+18, DIGI DM/DP90/SM80/90/100 10LXTHD0H60R30 KF1902-C1S KF1902-C1SXA KF2002-C1SXA KF2002-GC27B KF2002-GD31A KF2002-GD40A KF2002-GH15C KF2002-GH50B KF2002-GK42 Datamax IClass bis Baujahr Mitte 2001 DPO20-2262-01, Datamax ICLASS Mark II und ICLASS Alternativ zu PHD20-2181-01 alternativ KF2002-GK42B KF2002-GL50A KF2002-GM50 KF2003-B1S KF2003-C1S KF2003-DF10A KF2003-GC41B KF2003-GD10A CAB A2+ 5958686, CAB A2+ 5954105001, CAB A2+ 5958686, CAB A2 Gemini Typ 4203G 5946323, CAB A3 M4 Typ 4203 5942370, CAB A3 M4 Typ 4300 5942371 KF2003-GD41 KF2003-GD45A KF2003-GK42 KF2003-GK42E KF2003-GL14B KF2003-GL16B KF2003-GL41 KF2003-GL41A KF2003-GL50 KF2003-GL50A KF2003-GM11B Espera® ESD204 ESD234 104mm ESD204 234, Espera ESD233 104mm 522656, Espera ESD504 104mm 566066, Espera ESD504/104/544 Moses II 560071, Espera ESD504 ESD700 104mm 566084 compatible, Espera ESD600 ESD103/203/213 KF2003GL16B 522670 KF2003-GM50 KF2003-GM50A KF2004-B1S KF2004-B1SXA KF2004-B1S2B KF2004-C1SXA KF2004-GC12F IER 56 mm S31386A, IER 400 80mm S56873B, IER 506B S46700A, IER 508 S34882A, IER 512C S30350A, IER 512C - alternativ S30350A alternativ, IER 520 / 540 S35638A, IER 557 T104673, IER 567 S35913A, Imaje / Markpoint 6 Imaje 2000 HC Kit 338218 KF2004-GC19B KF2004-GC91B KF2004-GD20A KF2004-GL13B KF2004-GL14B  KF2004-GL15B KF2004-GL41C KF2004-GL41D KF2004-GL50A KF2004-GM11B KF2004-GM41C KF2004-GM50A KF2004-GM50B KF2004-GM50D KF2006-GL14B KF2006-GL41C KF2006-GL50 KF2006-GL50A Bizerba GD GS GV GT7100 Serie 65620170100, Bizerba GDGSGVGT7100 Serie (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 65620170100 / KM19031611B) 65620170101, Bizerba GH GLP GS GV GX Serie KD2003DC91B/C KF2006-GM11B KF2006-GM41B KF2006-GM41C KF2006-GM50 KF2006-GM50A KF3002-GM50 KF3002-GL50B KF3002-GM50A KF3002-GM50D KF3003-GD31F KF3003-GL50 KF3003-GM11B KF3003-GM50 KF3004-GL50 KF3004-GL50C KF3004-GM11B KF3004-GM12B KF3004-GM41E KF3004-GM50 KF3004-GM50B KF3004-WA10B KF3006-GL11B KF3006-GM50A KF3006-GM50A  KF3006-GM50C KF3008-GM50 KF3008-GL50 SE3004-DC73B KH148-5S KHT-104-8MPU1 KHT-107-12MPJ1 KHT-107-12MPT1-AG KHT-107-12MPT1-AV KHT-107-12MPT1-BPT KHT-107-12MPT1-ESP KHT-107-12MPT1-ISA KHT-107-12MPT1-JMS KHT-107-12MPT1-MKM KHT-107-12MPT1-PR KHT-107-12MPT1-STB KHT-107-12MPT1-TAC KHT-107-12MPT1-TAL KHT-107-12MPT1-TEN KHT-107-12MPT1-VA Espera Moses I 522664, Etimark MP 1220 71104, Etimark MP 1230 71105, Etipack KHT1068MPE1DPK KHT-106-8MPE1-DPK, Godex RT200 RT200i GP-021-R20001-000, Godex RT230 RT230i GP-021-R23001-000, Godex RT700i RT700iW GP-219-114240-412, Godex ZX420i 021-Z42001-000, Godex ZX1200i GP-219-114240-062, Godex ZX1300i GP-219-124240-062, Godex ZX1600i GP-219-144240-002 Etisys EP205 EP-205, Etisys EP226 EP-226, Etisys EP266 EP-266, Evolis Dualys2 S3601, Evolis New Pebble Pebble 2 S6101 KHT-107-12MPT1-ZPH KHT-107-12MPT2-AG KHT-107-12MPT2-AV Bizerba KPW1048TBB4BZR (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 38058793000) 38058793001, Bizerba KPW1048TBB4BZR (Wird Ersetzt Durch 38058793001) 38058793000 KHT-107-12MPT2-BPT KHT-107-12MPT2-ESP KHT-107-12MPT2-ISAGalaxy Prestige KDE-57-12MGL, Gerber Edge P60238D, Godex EZ2S/2PS (Abgekündigt) GP-460-000002-00, Godex EZ4 / 4P GP-460-000005-00, Godex EZ4TTP GP-460-000009-00, Godex EZ1300 EZ1300 Plus GP-219-124240-002, Godex EZ2000 EZ2200 GP-460-000016-01 KHT-107-12MPT2-JMS KHT-107-12MPT2-MKM KHT-107-12MPT2-PR KHT-107-12MPT2-STB KHT-107-12MPT2-TAC KHT-107-12MPT2-TAL KHT-107-12MPT2-TEN KHT-107-12MPT2-VA Citizen CLP-631 CL-S631 JM14706-0, Citizen CLS300 PPM80012-00, Citizen CLS310 100117-00, Citizen CLS400DT PPM80001-00, Citizen CLS521 CLP621 CLS621 JM14705-0 KHT-107-12MPT2-ZPH Bizerba SC 500 Waage 71054440000, Bizerba SC 500 Waage (Ersetzt Alte Art.Nr. 71054440000) 71058420000, Bizerba SW 500 Waage (Ersetzt Alte Art Nr. 71053950000) 65620170000 KHT-107-12MTT1 KHT-107-12PAG2 KHT-107-12PAG2-AG KHT-107-12PAG2-BPT KHT-107-12PAG2-ESP KHT-107-12PAG2-ISA KHT-107-12PAG2-JMS KHT-107-12PAG2-MKM KHT-107-12PAG2-PR KHT-107-12PAG2-STB KCE10712PAT1CAS ELS195, KCE12812PAJ1ESP KCE-128-12PAJ1-ESP, KD2004DC91B KF2004-DC91B, KF2002GL14B KF2002-GL14B KHT-107-12PAG2-TAC KHT-107-12PAG2-TAL KHT-107-12PAG2-VA KHT-107-12PAG2-ZPH KHT-107-12PAJ1-AG KHT-107-12PAJ1-AV KHT-107-12PAJ1-BPT KHT-107-12PAJ1-ESP KHT-107-12PAJ1-ISA KHT-107-12PAJ1-JMS KHT-107-12PAJ1-MKM Datamax E4304 PHD20-2213-01, Datamax EClass Mark II III PHD20-2268-01, Datamax EClass Mark II III + RL4 PHD20-2267-01, Datamax H4212 A4212 MarkII PHD20-2240-01 KHT-107-12PAJ1-PR KHT-107-12PAJ1-STB Imaje / Markpoint Nova4 TT 533578, Imaje / Markpoint Nova6 533640, Imaje / Markpoint Nova6 TT 533709, Intermec 3240 (Abgekündigt) 062705S-001 KHT-107-12PAJ1-TAC KHT-107-12PAJ1-TAL KHT-107-12PAJ1-VA KHT-107-12PAJ1-ZPH KHT-107-12PAJ2 KHT-107-12PAJ2-AG KHT-107-12PAJ2-AV KHT-107-12PAJ2-BPT KHT-107-12PAJ2-ESP KHT-107-12PAJ2-ISA KHT-107-12PAJ2-JMS KHT-107-12PAJ2-MKM KHT-107-12PAJ2-PR KHT-107-12PAJ2-STB Bizerba KF3003GM11B Intermec PM42/PM43 710-129S-001, Intermec PM43 710-180S-001, Intermec PX4 1-040083-900, Intermec PX4 1-040082-900, Intermec PX6 1-040085-900 Citizen CLP 9001 Alternativ zu JK19701-0 alternativ, Citizen CLP 9301 2870310, Citizen CLP 9301 (Abgekündigt) JK19702-0, Citizen CLP 9301 Alternativ zu JK19702-0 alternativ 65620171100,Dataflex//Zodiac 107mm KCE-107-12PAT1-ZPH, Datamax A4310 Mark II H4310 PHD20-2241-01, Datamax Allegro 1/2 DMX400 220038, Bizerba KM19021311C (Wird Ersetzt Durch 65620170000) 71053950000, Bizerba KPW808TBB4BZR 38044152000 KHT-107-12PAJ2-TAC KHT-107-12PAJ2-TAL KHT-107-12PAJ2-VA KHT-107-12PAJ2-ZPH KHT-107-12PAK2-AG KHT-107-12PAK2-AV KHT-107-12PAK2-BPT KHT-107-12PAK2-ESP KHT-107-12PAK2-ISA KHT-107-12PAK2-JMS KHT-107-12PAK2-MKM KHT-107-12PAK2-PR KHT-107-12PAK2-STB CAB A4.3 Typ 4310 5954089001, CAB A4 / Typ 4600 (Abgekündigt) 5946006, Evolis Pebble 1 S6001, Evolis Pebble 3 S5101, Evolis Pebble 4 S5151, Evolis Push / Twist Quantum S4101, Evolis Tattoo RW2 S2181, F&D ECO 857016, F&D Phönix 383 Typ FD15 3098., F&D Pro 307301762 4040, Fargo Datacard SP35 SP35+ Color printer 569110-999 CAB A4 Typ 4300S 5946015, CAB A6+ PX6L(R) 5954217001, CAB A6+ XC6 5954106001 KHT-107-12PAK2-TAC KHT-107-12PAK2-TAL KHT-107-12PAK2-VA KHT-107-12PAK2-ZPH KHT-107-12PAT2 KHT-107-12PAT2-AG Intermec PF4i PF4Ci PM4iA 1-010044-910, Intermec PF4i PF4Ci PM4iA 1-010043-900, Intermec PF4i PF4Ci PM4iA 1-010043-910, Intermec PF4i/PF4Ci/PM4iA Alternativ zu 1-010043-900 alternativ KHT-107-12PAT2-AV KHT-107-12PAT2-BPT KHT-107-12PAT2-ESP KHT-107-12PAT2-ISA KHT-107-12PAT2-JMS  KHT-107-12PAT2-MKM KHT-107-12PAT2-PR KHT-107-12PAT2-STB KHT-107-12PAT2-TAC KHT-107-12PAT2-TAL KHT-107-12PAT2-TEN KHT-107-12PAT2-VA KHT-107-12PAT2-ZPH KHT-107-12TAJ1-VA Imaje / Markpoint MP104 MKII 501620, Imaje / Markpoint MP160 MKII 501630 KHT-108-12MPT1-AT KHT-112-12TAJ2 KHT-112-12TAJ2-SKB  KHT-128-12MPJ1/2 KHT-128-12MPJ1-SK1 KHT-128-12MPJ1-SK2 KHT-128-12MPJ1-SK3 KHT-128-12MPJ1-SK4 KHT-128-12MPJ1-SK5 Bizerba KPW1048TBB4BZR GLP160 38044155000, Bizerba KPW - 80 - 8TBB4 - BZR 38044152000, Bizerba LP 204 Thermo Transfer 94006039988, Bizerba LP306 T 94006038240 KHT-128-12MPJ2 KHT-128-12MPT1-MEN  KHT-165-12MTT1 KHT-74-6PAR1-TR KHT-80-8MPU1 KHT-80-8MPU1-VA KJT-168-12TAF8 KL0702-A1S KM1504-A3 KM1504-1211B KM1903-A2 KM1903-1411B/1511B KM1903-ZYBZ1  KM2002-C1S KM2002-A210B KM2002-GM50A KM2003-22A KM2003-A210A KM2003-A210B KM2003-2210A KM2004-A3 KM2004-A310A KM2006-A3 KM2006-A310 KM2006-A310A KM2006-B3 KM2006-B310A KPA-104-8MTA1 KPA-104-8MTA4 KPA-104-8MTA4-AVL KPA-104-8MTA4-CAB KPA-104-8MTA4-DMX2 KPA-104-8MTA4-DMX3 KPA-104-8MTA4-ZB7 KPA-104-16TAJ13-R KPA-106-12MPW1 KPA-106-12TAF4 KPA-106-12TAF4-DMX5 KPA-106-12TAF5 KPA-106-12TAF5-AVL KPA-106-12TAF5-CAB KPA-106-12TAF5-ZB5 KPA-112-12TAF7 KPA-112-8MTA2 KPA-112-8MTA2-SKB KPA-112-8TAO7 KPC-108-8TAO1 KPG-106-12TA01 KPG-106-12TAO1 KPG-106-12TA01-AT KPL-104-24TAS4 KPL-104-24TAS4-SKB KPT-104-8MPF4 KPT-106-12MPW1-CAB KPW-104-8TBB4 KPW-104-8TBB4-CAB KPW-104-8TBB4-DMX2 KPW-106-12TBH4-DMX2 KPW-106-12TBH5 KPW-106-12TBH5-VA Bizerba GLP 160 65620170900, Bizerba GLP 160 65620170700, Bizerba GLP 160 65620170701, Bizerba KD2004DC91C 71058450000, Bizerba KF2003CF41B 71058590000 KPW-106-24TBD5 KPW-80-8TBB1 KPY-80-8TBB1 Datamax Allegro 1/2 DMX 400 Alternativ zu 220039 alternativ, Datamax DMX 430 220042, Datamax DMX600 20-2118-01, Datamax DMX800 20-2132-01, Datamax DMX XL 20-2167-01, Datamax E3202 20-2206-01 KPY-80-8TBB1-STA KPZ-72-8TAE1-STA KPZ-108-8TAE1-STA KRA-163-12TBH10 KRA-163-12TBH10-DMX KRA-168-12TBH7 KRA-168-8TBB7 KRA-216-8TBB7 KRB-106-12TAE1 KRB-57-12TAE1-STA KRB-81-12TAE1-STA KRB-106-12TAE1-STA KRC-54-8TAO1-STA KRC-57-12TAO1-STA KRC-72-8TAO1-STA KRC-108-8TAO1-STA KRC-106-12PAO1 KRC-106-12TAO1 KRC-106-12TAO2 KRC-108-8TAO1-STA KRG-219-12TAO4-STB KST-48-8MPD1-GS KST-48-8MPD1-STB KST-104-8MPD1/4 KST-104-8MPD4-HD KST-106-12MPL1 KST-106-12MPL1-ZB Godex EZ6200 PLUS GP-021-62P003-001, Godex EZ6300 PLUS GP-021-63P001-001, Godex EZDT2 GP-219-112240-002, Godex EZDT4 EZ1100 EZ1200 EZPi1200 RT700i RT700i GP-219-114240-002, Godex G300 G500 GP-021-G50007-000, Godex G330 G530 RT730i RT730iW GP-021-G53007-000 KST-128-4MGD1-CSM2 KST-152-8MPD1-PR KST-163-12MPL10 KST-163-12MPL10-DMX2 KST-168-12MPL8-ZB KST-168-8MPK4-DMX2 KST-168-8MPK8 KST-87-12MPM8-ZB KTH0023-3 TH0024-3 KTH-0029-0 KTH-0029-1 KTH0031-0 KTH0032-0 KTH0032-1 KTH0107-1 KTH0149-3 KTH0203-1 KTH0206-1 KTH0207-1 KTH0208-1 KTH0209-1 KTH0211-2 KTH0221-1 KTH0222-1 KTH0223-1 KTH0224-0 KTH0225-0  KTH0231-0 KTH0232-2 KTH0395 KTH0413 L.100.0002 L3PH203 L3PH203 LA77020 LE967020-01 LEA4X010  LEA52050 LEA53010 LEA54020 LEA54080 LEA55110 LEA56030 LEA56080 LEA57010 LEA57050 LEA57100 / B68 LEA57110 LEA57140 LEA57160 LEA58030 LEA58040 LEA58070 LEA59020 LEA59030 LEA5X050 LEA5Y080 LEA5Z010 LEA5Z020 LEA5Z080 LEA66060 LEA76030 LEA76040 LEA97090 Leich and Mehl Leich Mehl  Leich & Mehl Leptons LH604K LH4110 LH4438K LH6409AK LP3300 LP912030 LP913080 LP932050-1 LP939060 LP942010-01 / B68 LP948060 LP95X030 LP95Z020 LP967060 LP98Y060 LP991020-01 LPA11120 LPM10010812 LPM108 LPM160 LS3000 Cimjet / Cimpak 300 Cimjet 300/331/334 S18i SmartDate 2,3 (53MM MCA, EIDOS SpA, S180, ME1800 (Chieri (TO)) MD-94V-0 Mec T60 Mercury Metapace L-3 Metronic tt Printer C 53 L Microplex Solid ET45 Microplex Solid ET45 300 DPI Mira Mitani MT-S2-8-1N Mitani CAB A4+ HD2 5954030001, CAB A4+ Typ 4210S 5954081001, CAB A4+ Typ 4610S 5954077001, CAB A4.3 - Typ 4213 5954085001, CAB A4.3 Typ 4213 5954085001 MT-S2-8-1N MP2000 MT-S2-8-1N NB3002-VA10A NE2002-VA10A NE2002-VA10C NE3002-VA10A NE3002-WA10B NE3004-VA10A NE3004-WA10B NE3004-WA10B NM2002-UA10A NM2003-UA10A NM2003-UA10C NM2004-11 NM2004-UA10A NM3004-UA10A NM3004-UA20B NM3004-UA21B PAW 2000 PAW 80 PAW2000 PAW80 PHD15-2591-01 PHD15-2615-01 PHD15-2676-01 PHD20-2118-01 PHD20-2132-01 PHD20-2148-01 PHD20-2155-01 PHD20-2157-01 PHD20-2163-01 PHD20-2163-01 PHD20-2164-01 PHD20-2164-01 PHD20-2167-01 PHD20-2177-01 PHD20-2178-01 PHD20-2181-01 PHD20-2181-01 PHD20-2182-01 PHD20-2182-01 PHD20-2192-01 PHD20-2195-01 PHD20-2206-01 PHD20-2208-01 PHD20-2209-01 PHD20-2213-01 PHD20-2220-01 PHD20-2225-01 PHD20-2240-01 PHD20-2246-01 PHD20-2262-01 PHD20-2262-01 PHD20 SEA57010 TOSHIBA TPH106R11 TOSHIBA TPH106R12 TOSHIBA THZ1407A-F TOSHIBA THZ1408-F PA11020-01 GEB-2294V-0 G 7X-00218 IA2004-ME50A IA2004-CE30A IA2004-CE50A IA3004-CE20A IA2004-ME32A IA3004-ME40A IA3004-ME10A IA2004-CE20A IA3004-CE10A X-1855 A100077 glowic termica cabezal termico testina di stampa impression thermique termotransfer Zebra Novexx Videojet Valentin TSC Markem